Wherever there is injustice

There is Tears and Pain

The Future Generation

Should Stand a Better Chance

SAY NO! To Dictatorship

We Need To Stop

Fighting Each Other

The eye should learn to

Think Before You Act

Welcome To AUADT.org

With respect of human dignity, equity and equality, and for the love of the other person and supreme general interest, the African Union against Dictatorship and Tyranny=AUADT welcomes you all with objective and like minds and unchanging spirit in regard to end unmerited, and immeasurable economic, cultural, social, ecological and human recession, gloom, ordeal, loss, death and exodus all over the land of Africa. The saying is true that goes "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." Absolute power really turns people into a monster called a dictator. African Union against Dictatorship and Tyranny=AUADT has the mission to unite everyone without any discrimination in order to eradicate dictatorship and tyranny all over Africa. Let's all join hands and say, "This is the time to end dictatorship and tyranny, and this is the time to usher a new dispensation to the people of Africa and the whole world."  Together we can make it!!! Yes, together we can!!! Together we can make it!!! Thank you!!!


Every nation deserve to reap and benefit from the fruit of their hard work and the product of their soil


It is an identity and a birth right that every living person bears and this should be respected regardless of differences therein...


The ancients civilizations spoke of togetherness that binds species together in virtue of their common grounds and beliefs